VTB Bank

Brief summary:

VTB Bank has a wide range of branches all over Georgia. VTb bank has every kind of bank products. It has every kind of bank products and gives consumers possibility to receive bank services in every city and region. Especially the Internet banks are progressing very swiftly in Georgia.


VTB bank management decided to update its digital banks UI/UX design. So that it would have been able to meet modern digital world challenges. As a lead designer I was fully engaged in the process of renewing full digital channels.
Apart from researching, studying rival products was necessary to get to know the segment that VTB bank provides with its services. It was necessary to create user personas.


My Contributions:

Due to the fact that product incorporated complete digital channels (such as mobile, desktop and mobile app), we started with wireframes to choose the right direction to provide much convenient user experience to our consumers by per channel.
User personas gave to whole team an opportunity to have the right imagination about our customers and to stand as a time on the same rails. At the stage of wireframing I was able to create a smart and understandable navigation as well as information architecture. This enabled us to reduce the number of clicks to achieve different goals. Also as a lead UI/UX designer I have managed huge design system to provide Developers, Product owners and designers updated design pages/assets.