Space Neo Bank

Brief summary about product:

Space Neo bank is first fully digital bank from Georgia. It operates in Germany, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Through Space Neo Bank consumers are able to get a wide range of bank services without leaving home.
Technological advancements and rivalry motivated us to be one step forward among existing bank services. Our rivals such as TBC bank and Bank of Georgia provide their consumers high quality banking services. However, consumers need to go to the bank to receive bank products. The goal of Space is to change the experience of using banking services through digital channels.



When I have joined Space bank team they had already had all the main banking products. My goal was to create web channel based application for retail as well as businesses Banking. Fully digitalized banking processes are under big AML regulations. Therefore, customers need to fill in many different forms and questionnaires. So, my main concern was to make user journey simplified and understandable as possible, reduce amount of steps during process flow. Beside this, give our consumers easiest way to make identification processes via mobile which was also very complicated at the early stages.


My contributions:

For these reasons I went through several design thinking steps: I have conducted user interviews and created user personas, collected qualitative and quantitative research results based on existing mobile app. Created prototyping for our stakeholders to show the complete process before starting development. According Google and facebook analytics data I created different iterations (after web app. launch) to refine product’s design and make it understandable and easy to use.