Brief summary:

Protech is CRM which operates in Great Britain and stands out with multi functionality in different fields be that educational module, human resources, task management and lead monitoring. Nowadays there are many big and proper systems which operate in the same fields F.E. Hubspot, Salesforce. They are quite advanced and meet modern consumers basic requirements. Our task was to re-use this functionality and integrate it into Protech system.



To increase Protech System functionality and catch-up modern standards we decided to divide the process into two stages. First stage was to enrich the existing functionality with new features and services. The second step was about moving this application from desktop(windows app) to web app interface to make it more accessible for users.


My Contributions:

I have conducted user interviews, during which learnt what kind of services our rivals offered them and how useful they found these services. I organized information architecture and navigation at the stage of wireframing. Besides this, a big challenge was to work on a complicated menu structure with many levels of sub-menus. We set the goal to make it more convenient and plain at the same time in terms of design. I also created a component Design System, which presented the library with components and their conditions, with colors, fonts and additional style guide elements.