Live caller

Brief summary: provides consumers with online consultation via chat. Live Caller is a Georgian startup, which enables users to contact an operator by an online call directly on the web site. Beside this, a customer has a possibility to call the hotline via messenger. Similar service providers such as Intercom, LiveChat, Drift, PureChat, Olark f.e. have been operating for a long time and are very experienced in this field, they offer their customers various packages and functions.



One of my duties was to provide an administrator with proper functionality so that he could customize messenger himself. Also My goal was to design layout that would enable a web application to extend with new functions. To organize dashboard content and give users only important information. Furthermore it was necessary to enable maximum possibility of UI style customization so that different companies(customers) could be able fit Livecaller systems with their websites look and feel. At last they also needed to update existing UI design lock and feel.


My Contributions:

I researched our rivals dashboards after which we picked up various important functions. After this I tried to adapt these functions to our system through wireframes. Moreover I have made user flows to clearly define how current process works and what is possible to improve. After many iterations I put the most important attributes on the dashboard. Also I have created interaction design through which Livecaller customers was able to set up style and functionality in live mode.