Brief summary:

EasyShair is a team management system. After the manager launches team member contacts, it is possible to delegate different tasks to them. Also the manager is able to give tags to each task according to priorities and contents.



I faced different challenges. System consisted with many modules: contacts, teams, users, groups and goals. so we needed to organize information according to the category. It was necessary for the user to easily find and process data in each module. Besides this, needed to have a filter functional which would enable us to search for detailed information. At the same time the filter should not have taken much space on the web-site interface in terms of UI.


My Contributions:

After a number of brainstorming and iteration that consisted of every step of design thinking such as Empathizing, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping, Testing, we created design which corresponded to all main tasks.
After this, I started step by step to improve whole system. I placed important information in the foreground and as for the information of less importance I moved to the background. Furthermore, it was important to make various changeable information easily accessible for each user. To solve this I have created smart hints that displayed dynamic information visually.