Brief summary about product: is a SaaS solution. It’s essentially an ERP product and deals with a wide variety of business processe.

Business users – Around 1,2K Companies


Main functionality
Order Processing
Customer Support / Ticketing
Job Management
Stock and Warehousing


– To improve CSAT (currently 37%) and (NPS -20)
– Redesign the Quote Tool – The core area of functionality. This is a generic interface which allows the user to build a customer quote by making a selection of products/services.
– In addition needed to define main elements of Design System in terms to improve UI interface of whole system.

Research & Insights
Applications analysed – Quote creation process the show to users as a steps. It’s easy to clarify which point customer needs to take to achieve the goal. Link – They show selected products as chips and it’s convenient to see selected items together . Link – They suggested directly in search result page create new one in case when searched element does not exists. Link

Other apps: Link

My contributions:
1. I have analysed main flow of quote creation to identify pain points:
image –
2. As a result we reduced unnecessary steps, made flow more organised and logically structured:
image –
3. Created High-Fidelity Wireframes & Prototype in terms to iterate navigation, information architecture and flow improvements.
image –

Example 01: link

Example 02: link

Example 03: link

Based on prototype have user interviews and received positive results.
It’s now in development. First release will be ready on 1 of November.